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Samuel Fleming was born in Ireland in 1707. In 1746, now in the new world, he became licensed to run a tavern in Ringoes, NJ. Then, in 1756, he bought 105 acres in present-day Flemington for his house. At that time there were more wolves than sheep, more bears than horses, and more Indians than settlers. Soon after Fleming built his grand structure and the area began to be known as The Fleming Settlement, later as Flemings and still later as Flemington 1870s. Samuel Flemings house served as a home to his large family and was the most substantial dwelling for miles around. His tavern was located on a main street and was a stopping place noted for the warmth tired travelers felt by the welcoming fireplace and good food and drink. It became a popular stop. According to tradition George Washington mentions stopping at Flemings in his journals. There is much about life in 1756 that we know. Taverns were among the first and most important commercial enterprises in the settlements of colonial America. They offered food, drink, lodging and stables to travelers, and often served as the place where locals conducted business and socialized. In many areas, the local tavern was the only place for miles around to receive mail, read public notices, or see a copy of one of the few newspapers available. Recent research indicates there are still questions about the small house - the Fleming Castle.

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